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Find A Great Web Designer By Style, Budget, And Location


So you’ve decided that you want to make a website but you don’t know the first place to look for web designers at an affordable price. Hopefully this article is what you’ve been looking for.

Let me start off by telling you that there are 6 main methods for finding web designers offline and online. The difference between finding web designers offline and online is that finding a web designer online is done through the internet and you can connect and work with web designers worldwide but there is no face to face communication. While finding a web designer offline may involve phone calls and more work on foot, meeting with designers to talk about your site and meet your designer.

Some people may prefer offline more than online and vice versa. The advantages of finding a designer online are that there a hundreds made immediately available at the click of a button if you know where to go (discussed later in this article). The disadvantages are that you probably won’t meet your designer and you can’t ‘check them out’, per say, so you may not feel comfortable, having not met face to face. In this case you would prefer the offline methods of finding a web designer. The advantages of this are that you will get to meet face to face with your designer and be able to discuss things in more detail with them. The disadvantages are that you will have to look a little longer and harder for these designers and the price may be higher for them.

The Online Methods Include

  • Finding designers through related forums (quite effective)
  • Out sourcing them at freelance sites (take caution)
  • Finding them through search engines like Google, search example: London web designer
  • Online Business directories
  • Online Classifieds sites (Craigslist)

The Offline Methods Include:

  • Yellow Pages
  • Newspaper (classifieds or advertisements under services)
  • Local Business Directories
  • By recommendation (effective)

Hopefully I have put you well on your way in finding a suitable web designer for your business or other purpose. But when looking for a web designer please take cautions as you may come across either a scammer or a ‘newbie’ web designer who doesn’t really know what he’s doing. Although these 2 groups are in the minority, you should still take precaution. One way you can do this is to check their portfolio and verify them with their previous clients. If a web designer doesn’t have a portfolio, stay away because this usually means they fall into these 2 categories.

Also check what form of payment they accept, a good designer, actively online should accept at least 2 payment methods including but not limited to PayPal and MoneyBookers. Others include Google Checkout, eGold and NoChex. These are secure payment methods which protect your bank details but some can still be exploited for scamming such as PayPal which has various complaints from people who have been scammed through them (always read the TOS & other such agreements).